Biogas Cogeneration Systems

Turn your biogas into heat & electricity.

Eco-efficient value creation
Through our cogeneration solutions, biogas can be turned into heat and electricity, which can be used on-site or sold to third parties. Cogeneration represents the perfect heating source for the fermenter units, especially for biogas installations in colder regions.

A new business model
A thorough understanding of the customer and their energy needs, as well as a careful analysis of the biogas, forms the basis of all of our cogeneration projects. Based on this, we select the most appropriate generator set from a wide range of options. After that, we engineer and build tailored gas conditioning units that remove humidity, as well as contaminants such as sulfur and siloxanes before the generator set. In order to deliver a true turnkey energy generation unit, we also take care of the heat recovery solutions, controls & electronics and integrations with customer processes.

Technical Data

Electric power range      7.5 kW to 3.000 kW

Efficiency                            Up to 42.7% electrical and up to 91.4 % overall

Noise level                          40 – 70 dB(A)

Cogeneration systems

Inside view of a biogas project



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