Off-Grid Landfill


Auttonomous ™ – our complete, integrated and self sustainable solution for the management of off-grid landfills.

An impossible challenge
The management of off-grid landfills represents a special environmental challenge as landfill technologies such as degassing systems and leachate treatment plants rely on electricity for operation. The operation of such landfills therefore comes with very high risks of explosion, fire, intoxication and groundwater contamination, as well as with increased odor emissions.

The complete off-grid system
Hofstetter is proud to introduce its latest innovation called Auttonomous ™ – the first ever solution that is capable of managing the gas and leachate of off-grid landfills. The fully integrated and containerized Auttonomous ™ unit safely combusts landfill gas in a gas engine which produces electricity and heat that can be utilized on-site.

Part of the produced electricity is used to power a compact reverse osmosis unit that turns landfill leachate into clean water. Last but not least, the proper gas and leachate management results in significantly decreased odor emissions.

Container Auttonomous with 3-in-1 solution:
– landfill gas extraction/conditioning/burning
– landfill leachate treatment
– cogeneration engine

Alin Schiopu

Head of Landfill

Solutions and AuTTonomous creator


The whole installation fits inside a container


Turnkey solution


Integrated stirling engines

Technical Data

Gas flow rate                           20–6.000 Nm3/h

Thermal capacity                   100-45.000kW

Combustion temperature    800-1.200 °C

Residence time                        >0.3 s

Turn down ratio                      1:5 (1:10 optionally available)

Noise level                               <69 dB (A) (special low-noise design optionally available)



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