CO2 Trapping and Liquefaction

Zero waste and maximum value biogas production

Tapping unused potential
In the process of biogas upgrading, CO2 is usually separated from the biomethane and vented to the atmosphere along with a fraction of the biomethane, the so-called methane slip. The economics of biogas upgrading can be improved, if this CO2 off-gas is turned into a product through our CO2 liquefaction and purification units.

Improving production
Through our well-proven technology, the CO2 is first compressed, then dried and cleaned using activated carbon before being liquefied and fine-purified again. In the process, all methane residues are separated from the CO2 along with the other impurities in the raw gas. The methane-rich off-gas of the process can be fed back to the fermenter so that the methane slip can be completely avoided and all biomethane can be sold as a product. CO2 is a valuable feedstock in industries such as food & beverage, greenhouses and construction.

Make the right choice
If you don’t already have a CO2 offtake partner, contact us to see, if we can arrange an offtake structure for you.

C02 liquefaction system

HOFSTETTER CO2 liquefaction and purification system

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