Landfill Gas Management

Transform your landfill into a safe environment for workers and residents

A fundamental need
Methane, which is a main compound of landfill gas, has 21 to 27 times more global warming potential than CO2 and presents a potential risk of explosion, intoxication and fire.
In case the landfill gas cannot be utilized, we offer standardized plants, as well as specific individual solutions for the safe collection and disposal of landfill gas.

Take control of landfill gases
Our standard modular gas plants are the ideal solution
for typical landfill gas with methane concentration between 5% and 55%. The compact plants are skid-mounted or containerized and ready for immediate use in landfills.
The basic module comprehends a moisture knock-out pot, a blower, a flare and a completely automatic control system with PLC. Raw and flue gas analyzers and telemetry are optionally available. For older and decommissioned landfills, we engineered our LOWCAL flare, which is capable of burning landfill gas with methane concentrations as low as 15%. HOFSTETTER Gas Management systems are the highest possible investment security as standard flares can be retrofitted into LOWCAL flares. Even lower methane concentrations as little as 4% can be addressed using flameless oxidation technologies.

A fully integrable solution
For the collection of landfill gas, we offer the full design and build of the upstream degassing solutions from gas wellheads to collector units and condensate shafts.


– turnkey solution (ready to use)

– virtually zero emissions

– care for the environment and population

Alin Schiopu

General Manager and Head of Integrated Landfill Solutions


For CO2 certificate purposes, all of our solutions can be ordered with advanced CDM-ready measurement and control systems.

Technical Data

Gas flow rate                           20–6.000 Nm3/h

Thermal capacity                   100-45.000kW

Combustion temperature    800-1.200 °C

Residence time                        >0.3 s

Turn down ratio                      1:5 (1:10 optionally available)

Noise level                               <69 dB (A) (special low-noise design optionally available)

HOFSTETTER Gastechnik degassing systems in desert environment

Gas wellhead in open landfill

Gas wellhead in closed landfill

Gas collection system



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