Biogas Upgrading

Make the best possible use of your biogas.

Join the grid
Biogas essentially consists of methane and CO2. When those two components are separated through a biogas upgrading process, the methane can be fed to the gas grid as renewable natural gas or used on-site for the fueling up of CNG vehicles.

Improving biogas quality
Together with our partner Prodeval, we offer the leading membrane based VALOPUR® Biogas upgrading technology. The high-performance membranes make it possible to reach a purification rate of >99 % and a quality of biomethane that complies with the standards required for injection into the natural gas network.

The process offers high operational flexibility by automatically adjusting to raw gas flows and compositions. The treatment capacity can be flexibly increased by simply adding membranes and by modifying the operating parameters of the heat recovery solutions, controls & electronics and integrations with customer processes.

Turning biogas into profit
Hofstetter Gastechnik implements biogas upgraders as turnkey solutions which includes the design and installation of all gas conditioning solutions before the upgrader (drying, cleaning and compression of gas) as well as the odorization and the monitoring of the product gas.

For on-site utilization of the biomethane, we offer turnkey boiler rooms and CNG fueling stations.

Technical Data

Purification rate    7.5 kW–3.000 kW

Methane slip          <0.8% (can be completely recovered                                                                  through optional CO2 liquefaction unit)


Hofstetter Gastechnik and its partner companies have deployed more than 100 biogas recovery systems around the globe, of which many can be visited on request

VALOPUR® biogas upgrader in Albi, France

CNG Biogas car at fueling station



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