Integrated Sanitary Landfill Solutions

Integrated Sanitary Landfill Solutions

Landfill Gas Management

Transform your landfill into a safe environment for workers and residents

Our standard modular gas plants are the ideal solution for typical landfill gas with methane concentration between 5% and 55%.

Landfill Cogeneration Systems

Turn your landfill gas into heat and electricity

Electricity and heat can be produced in quantities sufficient for self utilization, becoming self sustainable and not using any external resources.

Landfill Leachate Treatment Systems

Protect the integrity of your ground water

Landfill leachate belongs to the most harmful industrial waste waters. It is particularly high in salt, heavy metal and non-biodegradable contents.

Landfill Odor Reduction Systems.

Reduce the odor with carefully chosen odor control solutions

The smell coming from landfill sites can be managed using different techniques that remove the odor from the air.

Consulting and Engineering

Expertise that’s rooted in decades of experience

We offer a wide range of consulting & engineering services that build upon experience that our employees have gained working in the industry.

Off-Grid Landfill Management

Our complete, self-sustainable solutions for the management of off-grid landfills

Our latest innovation called Auttonomous™ – the first ever solution that is capable of managing the gas and leachate for off-grid landfills.

Standard Solutions

Hofstetter’s unique all-in-one solution



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